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Computer Vision Ltd was created in 2002. The company is centered around IT professionals with as long as 20 years’ of working experience in the IT industry.

Computer Vision Ltd was incorporated at a time of numerous opportunities arising both from the commitment of the Mauritian government to make the ICT industry the fourth pillar of the Mauritian economy, and also from increasingly numerous business exchanges carried out with other African countries.

Although there are growing numbers of IT companies, the quality of after sales support and services was often not to expectation. Computer Vision Ltd is devoted to closing the gap in the IT facilities management and after sales support and services.


Computer Vision Ltd is the authorized reseller of the following:

  • DELL PCs, Laptops and Servers
  • HP Printers, PCs, Laptops and Servers with Ink Cartridges and Toners
  • Lexmark printers with Ink Cartridges and Toners
  • EPSON printers with Ink Cartridges and Toners
  • Fujitsu Siemens products
  • Microsoft Products, Software and Hardware
  • D-Link Communication
  • Powerware, EATON for UPS
    LEGRAND for UPS & Electrical Accessories

Our Motto & Values

Customer is our partner, quality is our work and value for money is our goal

As individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves, as associates we support the responsibilities of others

A mutual benefit is a shared benefit, a shared benefit will endure.

We use resources to the full and do only what we can do best

We need freedom to shape our future, we need profit to remain free.

Our Teams

Position : Executive Director

Computer Vision Ltd since 2002

Admin /Senior Sales Executive 

Technical Support